MataCraft Mod Download

Basic overview of the MataCraft Mod:

The MataCraft Mod is a mod created by the developer: “KanokaChannel7″. The mod is based off LEGO, in particular the storyline of Bionicle! The mod adds loads of new things to the game, and is also available for the latest patch of Minecraft 1.8. Best of all, this mod can be installed for SMP multiplayer and single player client. So what are you waiting for, install this mod today and enjoy with your friends!

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Biome Variety Mod Download

Basic overview of the Biome Variety Mod:

The Biome Variety Mod, created by the developer ChrisLight, adds in up to 25 new biome tweaks. All of the biomes that have been added are vanilla esque, but a different in some way or another. The mod is available for the latest patch of Minecraft 1.8 and can be installed for SMP and client.

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YouTuber Mod Download

Basic overview of the YouTuber Mod:

The YouTuber mod is a great mod available for the latest patch of Minecraft 1.8. The mod is created by the developer: “314owen”. The developer has created a lot of popular mods in the past and this is just one of the best ones he’s done. So what are you waiting for, download and install the YouTuber mod today.

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Right Click Torch Mod Download

Basic overview of the Right Click Torch Mod:

The Right Click Torch Mod does nothing more than allowing a player to place an torch in the world, by simply right clicking whilst holding a pickaxe, shovel or axe. You don’t have to keep torches on your hotbar, simply having one anywhere in your inventory is enough. The mod has no configuration files, and the only dependency is forge. So what are you waiting for, surely you know by reading this how much this will help your Minecraft play? Download the mod below, and install it with Minecraft Forge to use it.

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Waterproof Mod Download

Basic overview of the Waterproof Mod:

The Waterproof Mod is a very simple little mod that will help you out a great deal. As you’re probably aware if you mess around with redstone in Minecraft, water can destroy redstone circuits – and usually it is very annoying when this does happen. This mod however changes that and makes it so that all redstone in the game, whether vanilla item or modded, is waterproof. So what are you waiting for, download this mod today and enjoy having waterproof redstone from now on. This mod also works with servers and has to be installed with Minecraft Forge.

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Tiny Mythology Mod Download

Basic overview of the Tiny Mythology Mod:

The Tiny Mythology Mod allows you to summon your own tiny beasts! You can play and have hours of fun using Magic mutants and Giant beasts! This mod takes tiny people to the next level, giving them amazing tricks, abilities, spells and attributes! This mod grants you the ability to command your own tiny army, full of centaurs, minions and more!

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CaveOres Mod Download

Basic overview of the CaveOres Mod:

The CavesOres Mod is a new mod that was uploaded to Curse recently, and has suddenly became very popular for its unique approach to mining and ore gathering. Isn’t it annoying when you’re mining and you have to spend hours and hours searching the darkest depths of caves only to come up empty handed? Well I might have the perfect solution, the Cave Ores Mod moves ore generation to the sides of caves (like on the cave walls) so that ore gathering is quick and effective. The mod is available for 1.8, and supports Minecraft Forge.

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JeckelMilk Mod Download

Basic overview of the JeckelMilk Mod:

The JeckelMilk Mod is a Forge-based stand-alone that implements milk as a custom fluid, allowing it to be used in fluid systems, similar to water and lava. To enhance user experience, the mod comes equipped with an automatic update checking mechanism that will inform users when a new version of the mod is available. For those who wish to disable this feature, an appropriate config option is provided. The mod is available for the latest patch of Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.8, and only works with the installation of Forge.

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Soul Forest Mod Download

Basic overview of the Soul Forest Mod:

The Soul Forest Mod adds 29 new ores to the game, 6 of those generate in the overworld, and the rest generates in the new dimension called Soul Forest. In this Soul Forest Dimension you will find Laterite Grass & Dirt, Porphyry, Slate and Bauxite, and a custom tree which is called the grape-tree. There are already some different biomes with different mobs in them as well. The developer has noted that more trees will be added soon, as well as a range of other additions.

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