Mar 07

Barrels Mod Download

Basic overview of the Barrels Mod:

The Barrels Mod is a mod created by the developer: “need4poop402”. The mod adds in three new barrels all with a huge storage capacity. The largest barrel, which is quite expensive to make, holds a staggering 4096 stacks of 64! There are many mods out there at the moment that try and deal with the issue of saving space, but this one does it the best.

How to use the Barrels Mod:

There is no real way to use the Barrels Mod you first of all need to download it with Minecraft Forge and then you can load up your latest save game. When loading all of the mods features should be automatically enabled.

Barrels Mod Video Showcase:

There are currently no public video showcases for the Barrels Mod.

Key Features of the Barrels Mod:

  • The Barrels Mod is perhaps the best and biggest storage mod available at the moment.
  • A normal barrel, created with wood and steel ingots, allows for 64 stacks of 64.
  • The ender barrel, crafted with blaze rods, ender pearls, obsidian and a normal barrel, holds 1024 stacks!
  • The quantum barrel, crafted with the ender barrel, diamonds, obsidian and blaze rods, holds 4096 stacks!
  • The CrackedZombie Mod is available for the latest patch of Minecraft 1.8, for clients and server.

Barrels Mod

Barrels Mod

How to Install the Barrels Mod:

  • First of all, you need to download and install the latest version of Minecraft Forge to correctly run this mod! Click here to download Minecraft Forge.
  • Next, download the Barrels Mod and drag and drop the .zip files to your desktop.
  • Then, open the following location: %appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks and put your downloaded files into here.
  • Finally, load up Minecraft and enjoy your new mod!

Changelogs of the Barrels Mod:

There are currently no public changelogs for this modification as when the developer released the mod, he released all of the features at the same time. However there are planned features and they should be going ahead soon.

Download the Barrels Mod