Jun 28

Bosscraft 2 Mod Download

Basic overview of the Bosscraft 2 Mod:

The Bosscraft 2 Mod is a new modification that adds 5 new monsters and 6 new bosses into your game. If you are in need of a challenge, there here it is. You can gain access to the bosses by killing the monsters in specific biomes and then collecting the orbs that they drop. By collecting 20 of any given orb type and then crafting a scroll you will be able to battle one of the five possible bosses! Do you have what it takes?

How to use the Bosscraft 2 Mod:

To use the Bosscraft 2 Mod, simply install it with the help of forge and play. Then, collect any given orb type, craft the correct scroll and then battle the boss – simple as that!

Bosscraft 2 Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Bosscraft 2 Mod:

  • The main features in this mod are obviously the bosses you can get to fight.
  • Each boss has its own specific biome, AI and unique attack.
  • Bosses can spawn in their own little minion monster to help them out.
  • Each boss will have a different and rare weapon drop.
  • My favourite unique weapon is the ‘Sky Hammer’- which launches enemies into the air when hit.

Bosscraft 2 Mod

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How to Install the Bosscraft 2 Mod:

Changelogs of the Bosscraft 2 Mod:

UPDATE 1.0.1: Changed and adjusted the health of many bosses, changed the spawn rate of some mobs.

Download the Bosscraft 2 Mod