Apr 09

Bouncing Block Mod Download

Basic overview of the Bouncing Block Mod:

The Bouncing Block Mod is very fun mod for Minecraft 1.8. It adds eight new types of blocks to the game all of which change your world for the better. This mod is made by the developer ‘TechnicalParadox’ and is definitely worth a download. It is quite a simple concept, but allows for great results. This mod is especially great for SMP, as you can play new and inventive tricks on your closest friends!

How to use the Bouncing Block Mod:

To use the Bouncing Block Mod for Minecraft, just simply download it with Minecraft Forge. Then, follow the crafting recipes which can be found above in the ‘Screenshots’ tab to create your desired item.

Bouncing Block Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Bouncing Block Mod:

  • The newest addition is the Bouncing Block. It can be cheaply made and will send you flying into the air with a soft and padded landing.
  • The Launcher Block is pretty much the same concept except it has no padding – making it great for traps!
  • The Padding Block negates all fall damage when you land on it.
  • You can now quickly create cannons to send you friends in all four directions! (N,E,S,W)
  • The Speed Block is fairly obvious. It lets you travel very fast once you step on it!

Bouncing Block Mod

Bouncing Block

Bouncing Block Mod

Launcher Block


Padding Block


Cannon Block


Speed Block

How to Install the Bouncing Block Mod:

Changelogs of the Bouncing Block Mod:

UPDATE 2.0: Adds the new Cannon Blocks, one for each direction. Changed some recipes, and added the Speed block.

Download the Bouncing Block Mod