Jul 23

Cake is a Lie Mod Download

Basic overview of the Cake is a Lie Mod:

The Cake is a Lie Mod is a mod that adds special cakes into the game. There are up to twenty new cakes in the game all of which have a special ability! This mod is created by the French developer ‘Toinane’ but has multi language support so basically anyone who wants to install this mod now has the ability. This mod is made just for fun but some of the cakes have some interesting and new special abilities. In addition to the 20 new cakes that have been added there is also one new potion! Play this mod today!

How to use the Cake is a Lie Mod:

  • To use this mod you need to first of all install with the help of Minecraft Forge. If you have installed it correctly then the ability to create the cakes should already be in your game. Then, choose which cake you want to make and look at the recipe!

Cake is a Lie Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Cake is a Lie Mod:

  • The Golden Apple cake is one of the best healers. Healing 8.5 hearts and one hunger bar!
  • The Lava Cake will make you resistant to fire for eight minutes and twenty seconds!
  • The Pumpkin will heal you for 45 seconds but actually makes you run slower for fifty seconds.
  • The Ender Cake will heal two hearts when you take a bite but it will randomly teleport you!
  • The Hunger Potion will make you lose half of your hunger bar!

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How to Install the Cake is a Lie Mod:

  • First of all, you need to download and install the latest version of Minecraft Forge to correctly run this mod.
  • Download Minecraft Forge by clicking here.
  • Next, download the Cake is a Lie Mod and drag and drop the .zip files into the ‘mods’ folder of your Minecraft directory.
  • Then open up your Minecraft game and enjoy your new mod!

Changelogs of the Cake is a Lie Mod:

UPDATE 1.7.4: Added five new cakes into the mod. Fixed a bug with the ‘Trapped Cake’ and provided some fixes for the ‘Ender and Watermelon’ cakes.

Download the Cake is a Lie Mod