Aug 27

City of Adamantis Map Download

Basic overview of the City of Adamantis Map:

The City of Adamantis Map is developed by the creator “jamdelaney1” and is available for download for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. The map is absolutely stunning, and you can check some of the screenshots below. The map is one of the best that I have ever seen on the console versions of Minecraft.

How to use the City of Adamantis Map:

  • To use the City of Adamantis Map you first of all need to install it. You can do this by following the instructions which can be found below. Then, load up the map with your friends and begin your adventure. The possibilities are endless, you can start your own survival world or just explore and spectate.

City of Adamantis Map Video Showcase:

Key Features of the City of Adamantis Map:

  • The City of Adamantis Map allows players to explore around an extremely detailed map. Adamantis is a futuristic city with tall spires, skyscrapers and narrow caverns too.
  • Compatible with other PS3 texture packs, resource packs and maps.
  • The City of Adamantis Map can play up to eight players, with the minimum number being around five.

City of Adamantis Map

City of Adamantis Map

How to Install the City of Adamantis Map:

  • To install the City of Adamantis Map you need to first of all download it by clicking on the download link below this article.
  • Then, load the files onto your USB stick/flash drive and put it in the front of your console: Xbox/Playstation.
  • Go into the settings of the console and transfer the files across to your in-console memory.
  • Load up Minecraft and then check in the menu if the map has saved, then load up and enjoy!

Changelogs of the City of Adamantis Map:

  • There are currently no public changelogs for the City of Adamantis Map as it has just recently been released onto the console version of Minecraft.

Download the City of Adamantis Map