Aug 08

Creeper Queen Mod Download

Basic overview of the Creeper Queen Mod:

The Creeper Queen Mod was originally created by ‘simo_415’. However, this developer did not update past beta stages and the mod seemed to be lost. However, ‘Hawktalon99’ has re-coded and re-textured all of the mods features and has released it for Minecraft 1.8. The Creeper Queen Mod adds everything creeper-like to your Minecraft game, including the infamous boss mob!

How to use the Creeper Queen Mod:

To use the Creeper Queen mod, you simply need to install with Minecraft Forge. Then, if done correctly all of the mobs should already be spawned into your Minecraft game. BEWARE: Many of the mobs are deadly.

Creeper Queen Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Creeper Queen Mod:

  •  The Main feature to this mod is obviously the Creeper Queen. The Creeper Queen will spawn randomly in darker areas and is very hard to kill. You need to devise a clever strategy to take her down, as she will spawn her own minions if you approach her head on.
  • The Creeper Soldier is the same as the original creeper- except it now attacks villagers too.
  • The Pyro Creeper leaves a trail of fire behind it as it walks.
  • The Scout Creeper can sense a player from up to 40 blocks away!

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The Creeper Queen

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The Scout Creeper

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The Pyro Creeper

How to Install the Creeper Queen Mod:

Changelogs of the Creeper Queen Mod:

UPDATE 1.2: Fixed a bug with the Pyro Creeper which meant it turned blocks into fire blocks.

Download the Creeper Queen Mod