Aug 06

Enderpearl Golf Course Map Download

Basic overview of the Enderpearl Golf Course Map:

The Enderpearl Golf Course Map is a map that is very different from the rest of of the community made maps. The map doesn’t feature any parkour, combat or hunger games style gameplay; but instead features on sports, mainly golf! The developer of this map has been very clever in devising an accurate, reliable and fun game to play on the console version of Minecraft.

How to use the Enderpearl Golf Course Map:

  • There is no real way to ‘use’ the Enderpearl Golf Course Map. You first of all need to download the map. This is done a little differently on consoles and involves transferring the files over with a USB stick.

Enderpearl Golf Course Map Video Showcase:


Key Features of the Enderpearl Golf Course Map:

  • The game of golf in this map is played slightly differently to the one you and I know well.
  • Instead of hitting a golf ball, you must throw an ender pearl towards a set location in the least amount of throws.

How to Install the Enderpearl Golf Course Map:

  • To install the Enderpearl Golf Course Map you need to first of all download it by clicking on the download link below this article.
  • Then, load the files onto your USB stick/flash drive and put it in the front of your console: Xbox/Playstation.
  • Go into the settings of the console and transfer the files across to your in-console memory.
  • Load up Minecraft and then check in the menu if the map has saved, then load up and enjoy!

Changelogs of the Enderpearl Golf Course Map:

  • There are currently no public changelogs for the Enderpearl Golf Course Map.

Download the Enderpearl Golf Course Map