Aug 01

Golem World Mod Download

Basic overview of the Golem World Mod:

The Golem World Mod is created by the developer ‘Solonarv_’. This mod adds a whole new range of mobs in to the game. But not just any mobs, it adds a whole new set of Golems into your Minecraft world! Each Golem will roam your Minecraft landscape and has a unique and different ability! Wait, why are you still reading this? Go and DOWNLOAD!

 How to use the Golem World Mod:

To use this mod, first of all you need to craft an item known as the Paper of Awakening. You can make this by surrounding a piece of paper with redstone and glowstone. Then, simply build whichever Golem you want to bring to life and use the Paper of Awakening on it!

Golem World Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Golem World Mod:

  • Each new Golem in the game has a unique and different ability from the other! To start with, you can now craft an Ice Golem! An Ice Golem can walk over water by freezing it, and will transform deadly lava into obsidian!
  • The Netherrack Golem is another of my favorites. This Golem actually shoots fireballs instead of using Melee! It also immune to fire, obviously!
  • Among the other types of Golem is the Clay, Diamond, Dirt, Emerald, Glass Gold, Iron, Lapis, Obsidian and Sandstone! However if you want to find out their abilities then you need to download and find out for yourself!

How to Install the Golem World Mod:

Changelogs of the Golem World Mod:

UPDATE 1.2: The latest update for the Golem World Mod fully updated to Minecraft 1.8 and added two new types of Golem!

Download the Golem World Mod