Mar 09

Hackery Mod Download

Basic overview of the Hackery Mod:

The Hackery Mod is a mod available for Minecraft 1.7.10. The mod revolves around the idea of being able to exploit parts of the game from within the game itself. After you’ve installed the mod and started exploring a little bit, you will realize strange structures starting appear – they are called crashes. The mod can be installed with the use of Minecraft Forge, and is a nice addition to any mod pack out there.

How to use the Hackery Mod:

There is no real way to ‘use’ the Hackery Mod. You first of all need to download the mod and install it with the help of Minecraft Forge. If done correctly then all of the mod’s features should automatically be enabled, all you need to do is find them or craft them!

Hackery Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Hackery Mod:

  • The hackery mod is a very confusing but unique mod that makes game structures that are messed up. You can use certain tools within the mod to find out stuff about the crash and then either reap the benefits or receive a mess of code.
  • The mod can be installed for SMP servers or single player client games too.
  • The mod is available for the latest patch of Minecraft 1.7.10 and requires forge to run.

Hackery Mod

Hackery Mod

How to Install the Hackery Mod:

  • First of all, you need to download and install the latest version of Minecraft Forge to correctly run this mod.
  • Download Minecraft Forge by clicking here.
  • Next, download the and drag and drop the .zip files into the ‘resoucepacks’ folder of your Minecraft directory.
  • Then open up your Minecraft game and enjoy your new mod!

Changelogs of the Hackery Mod:

  • There are currently no public changelogs for the Hackery Mod, the entire mod was released at the same time!

Download the Hackery Mod