Jun 26

LEGO Mod Download

Basic overview of the LEGO Mod:

The LEGO Mod, created by the developer ‘dan200’ during the 48 hour ‘Modjam’ competition adds Lego blocks into your Minecraft game. This mod is formerly known as the ‘BILLUND’ mod, but it basically adds Lego blocks into the game. This mod is currently up to date with the latest version of Minecraft 1.7.2 and is a fantastic addition to any mod collection. Considering that this mod was made in under forty eight hours, it truly is an amazing piece of work! Why are you still reading this, go and download it now!

How to use the LEGO Mod:

It’s simple to use the Lego Mod. First of all, just open up your Minecraft game in creative mode and then go to the correct tab and start building. You will find blocks of different shapes, sizes and colors. So the only limit is what you are able to think or dream of!

LEGO Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the LEGO Mod:

  • This mod can be installed for both client and server, meaning you can play it with your friends!
  • You will find blocks of many different shapes and sizes.
  • Kill a villager to receive a BILLUND Order Form- then get saving those emeralds.
  • Spend your emerald savings on ‘block sets’, and they will be airdropped into you.


How to Install the LEGO Mod:

Changelogs of the LEGO Mod:

There are currently no public change logs for this mod, but future updates are planned.

Download the LEGO Mod