Dec 22

Minecraft Comes Alive Mod Download

Basic overview of the Minecraft Comes Alive Mod:

The Minecraft Comes Alive Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 transforms the days of broken and buggy villagers into fully functioning NPC’s. You no longer have to worry about trading going wrong, or whether or not you are too alone in your Minecraft world, as you now also have the ability to marry, adopt and divorce!

How to use the Minecraft Comes Alive Mod:

The Minecraft Comes Alive Mod allows you to enjoy many of the main features right as you install it. There is no tricky explanation on how you use this mod, just simply install and every function will be enabled for use automatically!

Minecraft Comes Alive Mod video showcase:

Key Features of the Minecraft Comes Alive Mod:

  • Of the of key features within this awesome mod is that NPC villagers now have genders! They can easily be identified as male or female, and feature several unique skins!
  • Villagers now have a new range of abilities, you can now talk to them, ask them to follow you, and you can even give them some gifts if you are feeling extra generous!
  • If you take a particular liking towards a villager, you are now able to marry that special someone! You can also divorce, adopt and have small NPC children!

Minecraft Comes Alive Mod

How to Install Minecraft Comes Alive Mod:

  • First of all, download the latest version of Minecraft Forge, you can do so by clicking HERE.
  • Next, download the Minecraft Comes Alive Mod and drag and drop the .zip files to your desktop.
  • Open the %appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks location and drop your downloaded files here.
  • Enjoy your new Minecraft Mod!

Changelogs of the Minecraft Comes Alive Mod:

Version 3.4.0:

  • Added more names for both male and female NPC character skins.
  • You are now able to CUSTOMIZE the rate in which guards spawn in your game.
  • Six more achievements have been added into the game.
  • The parents of the villagers will now attack you if you attack their child.
  • Villagers now have different moods and traits that will influence how you communicate with them.

Minecraft Comes Alive Download