Jun 06

Minecraft Streak Mod Download

Basic overview of the Streak Mod:

The Streak Mod is a strange little mod created by the developer iChun. This mod is kind of hard to explain, it is simply a graphical mod that adds extra things! To truly understand what I am talking about, I think it is best if you download the mod and find out for yourself. Don’t worry, it does not in any way include running about naked! It does however include some amazing graphical and particle effects.

How to use the Streak Mod:

  • To use the Streak Mod you first of all need to install the mod with the help of Minecraft Forge. Then you can simply load up your latest Minecraft game and enjoy its features automatically.

Streak Mod Video Showcase:


Key Features of the Streak Mod:

  • This mod leaves a trail of different graphics behind you as you sprint/run around. 
  • The trail, or streak, will follow your path and then gently fade away over time.
  • There are several streaks to choose from, and this mod can also be used online.
  • Personally, I’d like to see the addition of a “Streak-maker”. Giving users the ability to create and share their own, and then even have different clan streaks!
  • Available for the latest version of Minecraft 1.7.4.

How to Install the Streak Mod:

Changelogs of the Streak Mod:

  • There are currently no public changelogs for the Streak Mod.

Download the Streak Mod