Mar 02

Nether X Mod Download

Basic overview of the Nether X Mod:

If you have ever played Minecraft and thought “Hey the Nether is great, but sometimes it feels too boring”, then this mod is for you. The Nether X Mod is a new mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 that adds so much for excitement and challenges into your Minecraft game. This mod completely overhauls the Nether and adds so many new features. So what are you waiting for? This mod is great installed individually but will also fit perfectly in any mod pack.

How to use the Nether X Mod:

  • There is no real way to USE the Nether X Mod. First of all, just install the mod in the normal way with the help of Minecraft Forge. Then, you can just enter your Minecraft game and the Nether will automatically be updated.

Nether X Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Nether X Mod:

  • Three new ores have been added to the Nether: Ichorite, Venomite and Necromite!
  • You can then create a list of items from these new ores, they all have different abilities!
  • A new mob that has been added with Nether X are the Gluttons!
  • Other vanilla mobs have been tweaked and updated with Nether X.
  • The Nether X also adds a new and inventive way of gathering water in the Nether.

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How to Install the Nether X Mod:

  • First of all, you need to download and install the latest version of Minecraft Forge to correctly run this mod.
  • Download Minecraft Forge by clicking here.
  • Next, download the  and drag and drop the .zip files into the ‘resoucepacks’ folder of your Minecraft directory.
  • Then open up your Minecraft game and enjoy your new mod!

Changelogs of the Nether X Mod:

  • There are currently no public changelogs for the Nether X Mod

Download the Nether X Mod