Jun 14

Portal Mod Download

Basic overview of the Portal Mod:

The Portal Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 is an amazing mod that re-creates the game portal in the latest patch. This mod has been round for a while, but never lacks excitement or thrill. This mod is competent in all areas and is one of the best mods that you will find around. So what are you waiting for? Download the portal shooting, companion-cubing mod now! It is available for Minecraft 1.7.4 server and client.

How to use the Portal Mod:

There is no real way to use the Portal Mod you first of all need to download it with Minecraft Forge and then you can load up your latest save game. When loading all of the mods features should be automatically enabled.

Portal Mod Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Portal Mod:

  • The Portal Mod has all areas covered, and is a very extensive mod with tonnes of features.
  • Create a portal gun by following the recipes below and trick your friends into thinking your magic.
  • Right click and left click both have set options, one for each portal.
  • The Portal gun also lets you pick up entities with ‘G’.
  • You also have access to the bacon gun, and you can guess just what this does!

How to Install the Portal Mod:

Changelogs of the Portal Mod:

  • There most recent update for the Portal Mod simply updated to Minecraft 1.7.4.

Download the Portal Mod