Jul 07

Railcraft Mod Download

Basic overview of the Railcraft Mod:

The Railcraft Mod is a brilliant mod that aims to expand and improve the current vanilla rail system in Minecraft. As it stands, the rail system in Minecraft isn’t very in depth and there aren’t many features to use or implement. The Railcraft Mod however, it currently available for the latest patch of Minecraft 1.7.4 and can also be installed on servers and client side singeplayer. There is no reason not to download this brilliant mod, it is bug-less and is regularly updated.

How to use the Railcraft Mod:

There is no real way to use the Railcraft Mod you first of all need to download it with Minecraft Forge and then you can load up your latest save game. When loading all of the mods features should be automatically enabled.

Railcraft Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Railcraft Mod:

  • Crowbar – Rapid rail adjustment for the experienced rail engineer!
  • Working Signalling System – Never experience another head-on collision again!
  • Cart Linking – Make a real train!
  • Boarding and Holding Rails – Never chase your minecart again!
  • One Way Rail – Carts going the wrong way? Not anymore!
  • Control Rail – Power entire sections of track to propel carts in the direction you want!
  • Junction Rail – Putting the diamond in your rails (no actual diamonds required).

 photo micro_station_4.jpg

 photo micro_station_4.jpg

How to Install the Railcraft Mod:

Changelogs of the Railcraft Mod:

  • There most recent update for the Railcraft Mod added compatibility to Minecraft 1.7.4.

Download the Railcraft Mod