Aug 21

Shatter Gun Mod Download

Basic overview of the Shatter Gun Mod:

The Shatter Gun Mod is a mod created by Techdoodle. The mod only really adds one feature into the game, one allows you to transform a 10x10x10 area of land into falling sand. There aren’t many mods like this around at the moment so it’s a fantastic download. It fits well into any mod pack as it has a high compatibility.

How to use the Shatter Gun Mod:

There is no real way to use the Shatter Gun Mod you first of all need to download it with Minecraft Forge and then you can load up your latest save game. When loading all of the mods features should be automatically enabled.

Shatter Gun Mod Video Showcase:


Key Features of the Shatter Gun Mod:

  • The Shatter Gun Mod is an extremely fun mod available for download for the latest version of Minecraft 1.7.4. It focuses on transforming the world around you by destroying objects!
  • The mod is compatible with Minecraft Forge, as well as server multiplayer and client single player.
  • Right click or hold right click to make the block you’re looking at fall.
    Left click to fire a power shot, and a 10x10x10 area around where you’re looking will fall.

Shatter Gun Mod

How to Install the Shatter Gun Mod:

Changelogs of the Shatter Gun Mod:

  • There are currently no public changelogs for the Shatter Gun Mod. The mod has only just recently been released, but is updated regularly.

Download the Shatter Gun Mod