Jun 28

Stuff Worth Throwing Mod Download

Basic overview of the Stuff Worth Throwing Mod:

The Stuff Worth Throwing Mod adds a total of twenty new items, six of which can be thrown for damage, status effects, and general pleasure. This mod also adds its own mob into the game and also allows for shaped and shapeless crafting – which is a feature that improves the overall play of Minecraft. This mod allows you to throw stuff at mobs, what more could you possibly want?

How to use the Stuff Worth Throwing Mod:

  • To use the Stuff Worth Throwing Mod you first of need to download and install the mod with the help of Minecraft. Then, after you have launched Minecraft and selected your save file, simply craft your desired item and enjoy throwing it at enemies.

Stuff Worth Throwing Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Stuff Worth Throwing Mod:

  • You can now throw a pile of sand and even a pile of soul sand at your enemy to blind them!
  • If you throw a rock at your enemy it deals out damage and nausea.
  • The Tortured Soul is a new mob that you need to fear! They naturally spawn in swamps!
  • You can now throw bricks, and mushrooms at your enemies – cool huh?
  • This mod also includes some shaped and shapeless crafting!

Stuff Worth Throwing Mod

Stuff Worth Throwing Mod

An example of Shaped Crafting! Four piles of sand into one Sand Block!

How to Install the Stuff Worth Throwing Mod:

Changelogs of the Stuff Worth Throwing Mod:

UPDATE 15. C: The latest update for this mod added the mobs into the game, and also expanded the config meaning that you now have more options than ever to customize this mods features.

Download the Stuff Worth Throwing Mod