The Dalek Mod Download – Experience Minecraft Doctor Who!

Basic overview of the Dalek Mod:

This mod is also often referred to simply as the ‘Doctor Who Mod’.

The Dalek Mod is a very extensive and clever ‘Doctor Who’ based mod made by the creator ‘1WTC’. The Dalek mod should not be confused with the ‘Doctor Who Client’ mod, which actually changes Minecraft completely.  The Dalek Mod however lets you maintain your Minecraft save file whilst also playing with notable Doctor Who features.

How to use the Dalek Mod:

To use the Dalek Mod, you first of all need to download and install the mod with the help of Minecraft Forge. After this, follow the easy to understand crafting recipes and enjoy your favorite Doctor Who items!

Dalek Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Dalek Mod:

  • This mod has many features that would satisfy even the most fanatic of Doctor Who fans! I will only be talking about my favourite overall features, to find out more I guess you will have to download it!
  • There is a new biome in the game known as the ‘Corrupted biome’. This biome will have Netherrrack as its main material resource, so it now its easier to get hold of it!
  • The are many new mobs in the game, but the ones that are catching the eyes of the community are the ‘Daleks’ and the ‘Cybermen’.
  • There is also a Tardis, ‘Bessie’, which is the 3rd Doctor’s car, and ‘Iron Sides’ which is a craftable friendly Dalek!
  • You can also have access to a Sonic Screwdriver. Which is a very useful tool that can manipulate any form of Minecraft technology. You can light TNT, open Iron doors and so much more!

The Dalek Mod The Dalek Mod Download   Experience Minecraft Doctor Who!

This screenshot shows the famous ‘Tardis’ which does have its own use. You can open it with the ‘Tardis Key’, and then use your Sonic Screwdriver to teleport you to ‘The End’.

How to Install the Dalek Mod:

Changelogs of the Dalek Mod:

UPDATE 1.6.2: The latest update for the Dalek Mod added some new features for the feared Daleks. And a bug with ranged rendering was also fixed.

Download the Dalek Mod